Opal Series

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Opal Series

Teledex Opal Series hotel phones have a recognizable international design that compliments modern guest room décor. Available in single and two-line, analog, corded and cordless configurations, with an optional speakerphone, Opal Series are equipped with a red multi-function message-waiting light, and 0, 3, 5, or 10 programmable guest service keys. Teledex Opal DCT Series cordless sets support up to 3 additional AC-powered RediDock handset charging stations giving your guests the ability to charge their handset from multiple places within the room . . . all without needing additional guest room telephone jacks. Opal DCT Series cordless phones are also available with optional battery backup during power outages.

Analog Cordless
Order Number
DCT1805 1.8 GHz,1L,5GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash OPL95149
DCT1805 1.8 GHz, 1L,5GSK, MW, Spkr, Black OPL951491
DCT1810 1.8 GHz,1L,10GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash OPL95339
DCT1810 1.8 GHz,1L,10GSK, MW,Spkr, Black OPL953391
RD1810 1.8 GHz,1L,RediDock, Ash OPL95339HDKIT
RD1810 1.8 GHz,1L,RediDock, Black OPL953391HDKIT
DCT2805 1.8 GHz,2L,5GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash OPL97149
DCT2805 1.8 GHz,2L,5GSK, MW, Spkr, Black OPL971491
DCT2810 1.8 GHz,2L,10GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash OPL97359
DCT2810 1.8 GHz,2L,10GSK, MW,Spkr, Black OPL973591
RD2810 RediDock 1.8 GHz,2L,RediDock, Ash OPL97359HDKIT
RD2810 RediDock 1.8 GHz,2L,RediDock, Black OPL973591HDKIT
Analog Cordless
Order Number
DCT1805 DCT1805,1.8 GHz,1L,5GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash OPL95148
DCT1805 DCT1805,1.8 GHz, 1L,5GSK, MW, Spkr, Black OPL951481
DCT1810 DCT1810,1.8 GHz,1L,10GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash OPL95338
DCT1810 DCT1810,1.8 GHz,1L,10GSK, MW,Spkr, Black OPL953381
RD1810 RediDock RD1810,1.8 GHz,1L,RediDock, Ash OPL95338HDKIT
RD1810 RediDock RD1810,1.8 GHz,1L,RediDock, Black OPL953381HDKIT
DCT2805 DCT2805,1.8 GHz,2L,5GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash OPL97148
DCT2805 DCT2805,1.8 GHz,2L,5GSK, MW, Spkr, Black OPL971481
DCT2810 DCT2810,1.8 GHz,2L,10GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash OPL97358
DCT2810 DCT2810,1.8 GHz,2L,10GSK, MW,Spkr, Black OPL973581
RD2810 RediDock RD2810,1.8 GHz,2L,RediDock, Ash OPL97358HDKIT
RD2810 RediDock RD2810,1.8 GHz,2L,RediDock, Black 10 OPL973581HDKIT
Analog Corded
Order Number
Opal 1001 Lobby 1L, Ash OPL76009
Opal 1001 Lobby 1L, Black OPL760091
Opal 1000 1L, Basic, 0GSK, MW, Ash OPL76309
Opal 1000 L, Basic, 0GSK, MW, Black OPL763091
Opal 1002 1L, Basic, 0GSK, Ash OPL76039
Opal 1002 1L, Basic, 0GSK, Black OPL760391
Opal 1003 1L, 3GSK, MW, Ash OPL76739
Opal 1003 1L, 3GSK, MW, Black OPL767391
Opal 1005 1L, 5GSK, MW, Ash OPL76139
Opal 1005 1L, 5GSK, MW, Black OPL761391
Opal 1010 1L, 10GSK, MW, Ash OPL76239
Opal 1010 1L, 10GSK, MW, Black OPL762391
Opal 1003S 1L, 3GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash OPL76749
Opal 1003S 1L, 3GSK, MW, Spkr, Black OPL767491
Opal 1005S 1L, 5GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash OPL76149
Opal 1005S 1L, 5GSK, MW, Spkr, Black OPL761491
Opal 1010S 1L, 10GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash OPL76339
Opal 1010S 1L, 10GSK, MW, Spkr, Black OPL763391
Opal 2006 2L, 6GSK, MW, Ash OPL78039
Opal 2006 2L, 6GSK, MW, Black OPL780391
Opal 2011 2L, 11GSK, MW, Ash OPL78259
Opal 2011 2L, 11GSK, MW, Black OPL782591
Opal 2006S 2L, 6GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash OPL78149
Opal 2006S 2L, 6GSK, MW, Spkr, Black OPL781491
Opal 2011S 2L, 11GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash OPL78359
Opal 2011S 2L, 11GSK, MW, Spkr, Black OPL783591
Opal Trimline 1 1L, Trimline, Ash OPL69019
Opal Trimline 1 1L, Trimline, Black OPL690191
Opal Trimline 1 1L Trimline, MWL, Ash OPL69119
Opal Trimline 1 1L Trimline, MWL, Black OPL691191
Opal Trimline 2 2L, Trimline, Ash OPL69059
Opal Trimline 2 2L, Trimline, Black OPL690591
Opal Trimline 2 2L, Trimline, MWL, Ash OPL69159
Opal Trimline 2 2L, Trimline, MWL, Black OPL691591
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