Diamond Series

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This is the phone that started it all. In fact, more hotels use Teledex Diamond Series hotel phones than any other guestroom telephones. With over 5 million in service worldwide, this corded analog phone is available in single or two-line models, with up to 10 programmable guest service keys, patented OneTouch voice mail retrieval technology, and an optional speakerphone. Diamond Series, like all Teledex products, are thoughtfully designed to last for years in the demanding hospitality environment. Expect to see this model in hotel rooms for years to come.
​Analog Corded
Order Number
Diamond Lobby 1L, Lobby, Ash DIA65009
Diamond Lobby 1L, Lobby, Black DIA650091
Diamond Basic 1L, Basic, Ash DIA65309
Diamond Basic 1L, Basic, Black DIA653091
Diamond +3 1L, 3GSK, Ash DIA65739
Diamond +3 1L, 3GSK, Black DIA657391
Diamond+5 1L, 5GSK, Ash DIA65139
Diamond+5 1L, 5GSK, Black DIA651391
Diamond+10 1L, 10GSK, Ash DIA65239
Diamond+10 1L, 10GSK, Black DIA652391
Diamond+S 1L,3GSK, Spkr, Ash DIA65749
Diamond+S 1L,3GSK,Spkr, Black DIA657491
Diamond+S-5 1L,3GSK, Spkr, Ash DIA65149
Diamond+S 1L,3GSK,Spkr,Black DIA651491
Diamond+S 1L,10GSK,Spkr, Ash DIA65339
Diamond+S 1L,10GSK,Spkr, Black DIA653391
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