IPTV, Headend & OTT

IPTV, Headend & OTT


Cloud management and control of smart TVs, mobile devices and casting solutions. Otrum is the segment leader in functionality, stability and ease of use. With smart TV implementations, investment costs can be significantly reduced using existing infrastructure. This flexibility also includes hybrid solutions with mixed infrastructure.

Built on a HTML5 foundation, Otrum software works across multiple platforms and delivers a seamless user experience across TVs, tablets and smart phones.


Powerful tools are provided for branding and customisation, including graphical languages such as Arabic and Russian.


Provide high quality, live and on-demand TV services by high quality head-end companants manufactured by Anevia, Anevia head-end securely delivers TV and radio content captured from digital satellite, cable, terrestrial, HDMI, IP or web sources, to set-top boxes, connected TVs, PCs, tablets or smartphones over an IP-based, coaxial or wireless network.

OTT and Multi-Screen

we cover the entire value chain of professional video delivery by Appear’s product portfolio, A conscious choice of combining hardware with software ensures optimal performance, regardless of market. Appear hardware is modular, hot-swappable, space- and power-efficient, and features Appear patented redundancy. Appear software operates on COTS servers, ensuring an open future-proof architecture that can be deployed on dedicated servers or in an open cloud environment.

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