9600 Series

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9600 SERIES From bold design, smart features, and legendary performance, TeleMatrix 9600 Series cordless phones make perfect sense for you and your guests. Flat panel design complements the look of flat screen television sets in the room. Choose from 7 standard or custom color handset accents to match any room décor and coordinate style with functionality. Features include patented OneTouch voice mail technology for handsfree auto-dialing and retrieval, and an integrated Ethernet pass-through port for guest connectivity. AutoSync pairing automatically registers remote 9600 Series cordless handsets with the base unit when in the cradle to avoid failures from misplaced handsets. Our optional battery backup feature also helps assure guest connectivity during power outages.

VoIP Cordless
Order Number
9600IPMWD5 1.9GHz, 1L, 5GSK,MW, Ash 96V21319S5D3
9600IPMWD5 1.9GHz, 1L, 5GSK,MW, Black 96V11319S5D3
9600IPMWD 1.9GHz, 1L, 10GSK, MW, Ash 96V21319S10D3
​9600IPMWD 1.9GHz, 1L, 10GSK, MW, Black 96V11319S10D3
​Handset Kit 1 Line 1.9GHz, Ash 96V21319N0HK3
​Handset Kit 1 Line 1.9GHz,Black 96V11319N0HK3
9602IPMWD5 1.9GHz, 2L, 5GSK, MW, Ash 96V22319S5D3
9602IPMWD5 1.9GHz, 2L, 5GSK, MW, Black 96V12319S5D3
9602IPMWD 1.9GHz, 2L, 10GSK, MW, Ash 96V22319S10D3
9602IPMWD 1.9GHz, 2L, 10GSK, MW, Black 96V12319S10D3
Handset Kit IP 2 Line 1.9GHz, 2L, Ash 96V22319N0HK3
​Handset Kit IP 2 Line 1.9GHz, 2L, Black 96V12319N0HK3
Analog Cordless
Order Number
9600MWD5 1.9GHz, 1L, 5GSK, MW, Ash 96459-N
9600MWD5 1.9GHz, 1L, 5GSK, MW, Black 964591-N
9600MWD 1.9GHz, 1L, 10GSK,MW, Ash 96559-N
​9600MWD 1.9GHz, 1L, 10GSK,MW, Black 965591-N
​Handset Kit 1 Line 1.9GHz, 1L, Ash 96559HDKIT-N
​Handset Kit 1 Line 1.9GHz, 1L, Black 965591HDKIT-N
9602MWD5 1.9GHz, 2L, 5GSK, MW, Ash 98459-N
9602MWD5 1.9GHz, 2L, 5GSK, MW, Black 984591-N
9602MWD 1.9GHz, 2L, 10GSK, MW, Ash 98559-N
9602MWD 1.9GHz, 2L, 10GSK, MW, Black 985591-N
Handset Kit 2 Line 1.9GHz, 2L, Ash 98559HDKIT-N
​Handset Kit ​ 2 Line 1.9GHz, 2L, Black 985591HDKIT-N


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