3300 Series

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TeleMatrix 3300 Series hotel phones are available in single and two-line analog and VoIP corded configurations with 7 optional standard handset accent colors, a standard PassThrough RJ45 Ethernet port, and patented OneTouch voice mail retrieval technology. Choose matching 3300TRM or 3300IP-TRM trim line phones for bathroom and common area applications.
VoIP Corded Hotel Phones
Order Number
​3300IP Lobby 1L, 0GSK, Basic, Ash 33V20N0L3
3300IP Lobby 1L, 0GSK, Basic, Black 33V10N0L3
3300IP MWB 1L, 0GSK, Basic, Ash 33V210N0D3
3300IP MWB 1L, 0GSK, Basic, Black 33V110N0D3
3300IP MWD5 1L, 5GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash 33V210S5D3
3300IP MWD5 1L, 5GSK, MW, Spkr, Black 33V110S5D3
3300IP MWD 1L, 10GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash 33V210S10D3
3300IP MWD 1L, 10GSK, MW, Spkr, Black 33V110S10D3
3302IP MWD5 2L, 5GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash 33V220S5D3
3302IP MWD5 2L, 5GSK, MW, Spkr, Black 33V120S5D3
3302IP MWD 2L, 10GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash 33V220S10D3
3302IP MWD 2L, 10GSK, MW, Spkr, Black 33V120S10S3
3300TRM-IP Trimline 1L, Ash 33V210N3T3
3300TRM-IP Trimline 1L, Black 33V110N3T3
3302TRM-IP Trimline 2L, Ash
3302TRM-IP Trimline 2L, Black 33V120N3T3
Analog Corded Hotel Phones
Order Number
3300LBY 1L, Lobby, Ash 33009
3300LBY 1L, Lobby, Black 330091
3300MWB 1L, Basic, MW, Ash 33039
3300MWB 1L, Basic, MW, Black 330391
3300MW5 1L, 5GSK, MW, Ash 33139
3300MW5 1L, 5GSK, MW, Black 331391
3300MW10 1L, 10GSK, MW, Ash 33239
3300MW10 1L, 10GSK, MW, Black 332391
3300MWD5 1L, 5GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash 33149
3300MWD5 1L, 5GSK, MW, Spkr, Black 331491
3300MWD 1L, 10GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash 33339
3300MWD 1L, 10GSK, MW, Spkr, Black 333391
3302MWD5 2L, 5GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash 34149
3302MWD5 2L, 5GSK, MW, Spkr, Black 341491
3302MWD 2L, 10GSK, MW, Spkr, Ash 34359
3302MWD 2L, 10GSK, MW, Spkr, Black 343591
3300TRM 1L, Trimline, Ash 33119
3300TRM 1L, Trimline, Black 331191


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