Qi Wireless Charging Bluetooth Bedside Stereo Speaker Alarm Clock with Single Day Alarm, Dual USB Charging
Clock Features
• Factory pre-set clock
• DST switch to automatically or manually adjust clock at start and end of Daylight Saving Time
Alarm Features
• Single day alarm so guests only wake to alarms they set
• Wake to Bluetooth audio or built-in tones
• Sure Alarm battery backup sounds alarm even when power fails Bluetooth Features
• Stream Bluetooth audio wirelessly from Bluetooth-enabled devices
Charging Features
• Qi wireless charging pad for compatible devices such as new Apple iPhone X and iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy 8 and more
• 2x 2.4 amp USB ports for rapid charging of mobile devices
Additional Features
• Stereo speakers in Reson8® chambers for room fi lling sound
• Volume limiter switch to adjust for large and small rooms
• Single day display dimmer with 8 brightness levels
• Printed instructions on cabinet for easy guest alarm setting
• 100V – 240V universal AC adapter included
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